International Bulk Whatsapp Marketing



Please read information below

  1. 1 Credit = 5000 Character Text Message + 1 image + 1 Audio + 1 video + 1pdf File
  2. Media File size = Image: 5MB, Audio: 5MB, Video: 5MB, PDF: 5MB
  3. Please ensure your filename is simple before attached for sending. Example : Image filename = i1 or video = V1
  4. All the messages will be delivered from virtual numbers so no chances of banning your own number by Whatsapp.
  5. Get automatic refund for non-delivered & non Whatsapp number when campaign is submitted. (The system will auto filters the numbers in the process sending, numbers not registered on Whatsapp will be discarded and credit will be auto refunded to you after 48 hours)
  6. Sender Number: Always delivered from any international numbers. you can not determine which number is used for your campaign as they are auto generated.
  7. Server active Everyday from 12pm until 12.30am ONLY
  8. Enter all numbers starting with Country code only. (Eg:918421xxxxxx, 6012xxxxxx, 23480xxxxxx).
  9. Maximum of daily message can send is 1.5 million messages

Important Notes

Rules & Regulations

  1. This service is a web-based service and its pre-paid services only. Hence you require sufficient credits to do the WA Campaigns.
  2. Filtering is inbuild process. No separate filter credits required.
  3. You can upload numbers of any country to send Whatsapp Campaigns.
  4. WA Marketing service is one way broadcasting service hence you need to upload Campaign of bulk volume of data.
  5. Response will not capture in this promotional WA marketing service.
  6. Any type of personal message will not be allowed in this service.
  7. Users are own responsible for their content. As we are not sending content manually nor monitoring the same hence if any content found violated our term, then we will terminate your account immediately.
  8. All Campaigns are running on submission basis only, hence delivery reports are not available.
  9. This is promotional activity hence 100% delivery in WA marketing service is not available. Hence due to delivery related issue raised by user then REFUND of amount/credits will not be initiated in any scenario.
  10. Kindly reset your account password regularly and keep strong and complex password only.
  11. Sending Hate/Vulgar/Adult/Abusive/Misguiding/Fraud/Harassment content (text/media) of any format is strictly prohibited and if found any packet during analysis content then account will be deactivated immediately without any intimation to user. In this case refund will not initiated.
  12. We provide FREE demo account before purchasing service so user can check all features and functionalities before purchasing service.
  13. WhatsApp/WhatsApp Button credits have no expiry date.
  14. Your recipients will receive random numbers from our server.
  15. Your uploaded profile picture will only be retained until the upcoming next campaign.
  16. All campaigns will be completed within 24 hours. Hence, you cannot choose the time to blast out your message.
  17. You will not be able to reply to the message. However, we do recommend you insert a link so that your recipients can contact you back.
  18. You are responsible to track your own link’s performance. We suggest you use
  19. You or your business is bound to PDPA for exposing your mobile numbers to our company by uploading them to our server. Under no circumstances, will will not use your company properties such as your list of mobile numbers for any reason.
  20. We do not guarantee results after using our services due to external factors which may/might cause the result to skew away from the intended result.
  21. We provide the best effort in delivering all consumers’ campaigns.
  22. Must include country code number 601XXXXXXXXX
  23. If any Whatsapp Campaign or delivery related issue you can email to admin for further assistance.
  24. All messages will completely send in 24 hours
  25. For more detailed information on Terms & Conditions, please refer to our website,
  26. For more detailed information on Privacy Policy, please refer to our website,

Important Notes




Normal Message means Text Message + Media files (4 images + 1 video + 1 PDF in one campaign message/credit)

<10,000 credits

RM0.08 / credit
  • Random India Number +91X
  • 1 credit = 1 message
    = Text + 1 image (5mb) + 1 video (5mb) +
    1 PDF (5mb) + 1 audio (5mb)
  • No SIM Card Purchase
  • No number blocking issue
  • 99% Deliverability Rate
  • 24 Hours Auto Refund WhatsApp Credits
  • Delivery Reports in 24 Hours
  • No installation - online system
  • Number Auto Filtration
  • 1.5 million Daily Message Sending
  • Server Active Everyday
    (12.30pm - 12.30am : Malaysia time)
  • Cannot schedule message and
    cannot choose specific delivery time (Queue)

Price might be varied and changed in the future. Buy now to lock the current price offered.